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:iconigorplz::iconsaysplz: Hello there, my dear young guest. My name is Igor and I will be assisting you with my lovely assistant, Elizabeth.

:iconelizabeth-plz::iconsaysplz: Hello there. Nice to meet you.

:iconigorplz::iconsaysplz: Unfortunately my other assistant, Theodore, is currently out on a search along with my other assistant , Margaret. I am here to tell you why you've came to the Velvet Room. Rather, Elizabeth shall you?

:iconelizabeth-plz::iconsaysplz: A Persona is what you have awakened if you have traveled here in the realm of dreams... But you will have a chance to come here without dreaming. Persona is a power you have that is a mask of you...

:iconigorplz::iconsaysplz: Unfortunately that's all the time I have to spare, time marches on in your world... Until we meet again.

:star: Digital Destruction Rules :star:
Each Rule is to be considered highly. If you see a member not following these rules, then inform the Founder or the admins. We will make sure that things will be settled in a normal fashion.

  - As well, keep that in mind that all Persona Leaders are stronger than your users. Its only fair.

  - Nothing here is PG-13, as Persona games are above that. We do not mind yaoi, yuri or hetero, as long as its soft and not hardcore. But if you've drawn something extreme that involves RP, please put mature content on it.

   - God modding is a sin in the RP-ing world. Its controlling your other members character without permission. Or being able to hurt them without giving the other a chance. If seen, you will have three warnings and then kicked out.

  - NPC's are allowed in chat room RPs. However they are NOT the main character that you are RPing, nor are they powerful. They help the RP move along. As well, not all Leaders will be in the chatroom, but their assistants. They are powerful as well, so don't try to over power them.

   - Spamming is highly discouraged unless there is no RP going on. So if there is spam, please keep it to a minimum.
   - Chat rooms are for anyone, unless there is a troll. If there is a troll, please contact the Founder or admins immediately.

   - Digital Destruction is for all and is supposed to be friendly. Lets keep it that way.

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