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Name:[Name of your OC]
Alias:* [Everyone has an other name they go by]
Age: [In years please. Over 10 years is nice]
Gender:[He, she, or an it?]
Height:* [in feet or centimeters]
Weight:* [in pounds or grams]
Arcana: [what does your Persona fall in? Only one please]
Faction: [Are you good or evil?]

Physical Description: [What is your OC wearing? Elaborate for those who write more than draw]

Personality:* [How is your OC like?]

Evoker: [Can be a common household item. Or a gun. As long as you can carry it around]
Weapon: [What do you attack with without using your Persona?]

Persona: [What is your Persona's name?]

Skills: [list skills of your Persona. All beginners may NOT have powerful skills and have up to three skills on start.]

History:* [How did your OC gain their Persona?]

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