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Artwork does not limit you to just drawing. You can write as well.

They both are supposed to be submitted to the 'Everyday' folder, unless you are having scanning difficulties at home and then the 'Persona Users/ Animal Users'. You must contact the admins first before submitting written work to anything else besides 'Daily Life'.

As well there are other features that is somewhat bringing from 3 and 4. Animal Users. This only leads you to have domestic animal's such as a dog, cat, bird. No fish, bug, etc. We want to have sensible Animal Users and they too, must be drawn and placed in 'Animal Users'. Everything they do must be submitted in 'Everyday Life'.

There are the Quests from the Velvet Room, which wont be up until we have a good number of members here. These are the extra extra experience your dorm gets for level ups. Can be written or drawn.

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